6 Painful Truths About Having Long Hair

6 Painful Truths About Having Long Hair

If you have long, beautiful, and healthy hair — kudos to you! The rest of the women folk probably envy your long locks, thinking of you as Rapunzel. However, only you know that the struggle is real. (There, there. We’re with you in this.) If you could, you would use an army of hairstylists to tame your hair for a picture-perfect look!

To have long hair that reaches beyond our belly buttons makes us feel like we are the mane-queen. Yet, the same long tresses are quick to bring us back to reality with the hair-raising tangles, endless split ends, clogged drains, and food that always has a bit of our hair in it. It’s a love-hate relationship we share with our long hair — we love to own it, but hate the struggle that goes into maintaining it!

While we dread every second spent at the salon at the mercy of the hairstylist’s scissors, we have become accustomed to our long ringlets and curls so much that it has become an integral part of us. But, on the downside, there is a whole list of annoying, yet hilarious situations that our hair tangles us into. And this happens every day!

Here’s a totally relatable list of some aching truths of having long hair:

1. Your Hair Gives You The Best Workout

If you have managed to brush your hair in one go, without complaining about the length and the volume of your hair, then you, my friend, are lucky. Long-haired women need to designate a special hour (or more) to brush their hair and untangle it. It’s so much of a herculean task that sometimes they opt for heading out the door without brushing their hair. And when there’s a need to style the hair, straighten it or blow-dry it? That’s the day that your arms have to work tirelessly; at the end of which you just heave a sigh of relief that you’ve finally accomplished the task! It really feels like an arm day at the gym.


2. Your Hair Can Choke You In Your Sleep

We know that movies make it look so effortless when the actresses sleep with their hair open. But when we try to sleep with untied hair, we are basically digging our own grave! (Not to mention, we think we look like a Disney princess, but we end up looking like Medusa.) Somehow, the strands manage to coil themselves around you and leave you huffing and puffing. Just like how our earphones manage to tangle themselves magically, long hair too is guilty of this sorcery!


3. The Ability Of Your Hair To Clog Your Bathroom Drain

All those women out there with long tresses, you indeed have magical powers! (Not to mention, if you lived at Hogwarts, your hair strands would be the most used in polyjuice potions.) Well, it’s because there’s a lot of hair fall that follows. Which means you can clog the drain with your hair. And trust us; you can do a good job at it! You can use your hair to convert a normal bathroom into a full-fledged swimming pool.


4. Your Hair Is What Comes Between You And Your Partner

Well, your head of hair might be your best feature that your partner loves. However, it gets really annoying when they end up tasting your hair every time they want to lean in for a kiss, a hug or even just whisper sweet nothings into your ear. They end up finding those long tresses on their clothes, in their food, on the pillows, and basically everything that you have been around.


5. You Have Strange Nemeses

Do you want to put on that dress? Cool, but only after your hair has done its bit of getting stuck in the zipper. Do you want to put on your seatbelt? Sure, only after your long locks have found some space in the buckle. Do you want to roll up the car windows? Why not? But, only after your hair has tasted the wind. Velcro, buckles, zippers, buttons – even tree branches! – they are all hair-hungry nemeses!


6. There Is Always That One Strand Of Hair In Your Food

We have all found a strand of hair in our food at some point or the other. And whether it’s our own or not, it really isn’t a pleasant sight. That’s the problem with long hair, it just keeps shedding and we don’t even know how it gets in the food. Plus, it gets really embarrassing when you’re the only one with long hair… there’s nobody else you can blame, you know?

From finding your hair everywhere to going on a rampage to find your scrunchies, the struggle of having long hair is a bittersweet one. Do you have long hair? What are your most hilarious long hair experiences? Let us know in the comments below!

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