10 Hairdos For Any Age That Make You Look Younger


10 Hairdos For Any Age That Make You Look Younger

Age is just a number. And we firmly believe that. Gone are the days when society conditioned us to believe that just like women should dress appropriately for their age, so should they wear their hair as well. So, let’s toss that archaic misconception out of the window, shall we?

While sporting a hairdo does depend on a lot of factors such as your face shape and the texture of your hair, it has nothing to do with how old you are. There are plenty of hairdos that can look amazing on you despite your age. We present to you ten age-defying haircuts that will take the years off you!


1. Bangs

Bangs are a favorite among celebrities and an almost instant way of looking much younger than you actually are! This hairstyle compliments everyone, no matter their age, according to most styling experts. Plus, bangs are one of those hairdos that suit all hair types, which makes it totally something you should consider sporting! Bangs will flatter the face shape too, irrespective of how it is. But a word of warning: for bangs to work their magic on you, they should be done right. So, make sure you choose a nice salon.


2. Bob

If you want a low maintenance hairdo that also looks glamorously terrific, go for a bob! This classic style can work for anyone and everyone because of the fact that you get so many variations to choose from! You can pick one, obviously in consultation with your stylist, that suits you best. If you’re worried about your hair type, don’t be. All that it takes for a bob to look good is the right length based on your hair type and face shape.


3. Shoulder Length Curls

This one is for all you curly hair ladies who just do not understand how to tame their wild locks and make a presentable hairstyle out of them! Well, the best way to do that, despite your age, is to cut them short, right up to your shoulder length with rounded, soft edges. Experts say that this cut can accentuate any face type and even suits women with wavy hair.


4. The Lob

A variation of the bob, popularized by Selena Gomez, this is one of the easiest dos to wear and maintain. In fact, it’s become so popular that if you look around, you’ll see quite a few of your girlfriends are already flaunting it! The reason for the lob’s fame is not just that it looks amazing on all age groups but also because it looks very striking and can make you appear sophisticated and polished.


5. Long Waves

Painfully grew your hair long and don’t want to sacrifice that length? Well, we’ve got something in store for you too! No matter your hair length, the best hairstyle for you is wavy locks with a parting in the middle. This hair-do can give you a very youthful and relaxed look, which is why it works amazingly well for all age groups. As long as your hair is healthy, you can easily pull this off without worrying about age.


6. Pixie

Honestly, its blasphemy to exclude the pixie when talking about hairstyles and cuts that suit all ages! Suitable for ages from 6 to 60 (and beyond), this cropped cut speaks fun, confidence, and strength like no other hairdo. If you’re the kind who’s bold, likes to experiment, and wants to break free from the age old ‘wear your hair long’ mold, go for it!


7. The Shag

Okay, don’t get ideas in your head. This one might sound like it’s not even a haircut, but it so is! Look at Taylor Swift if you don’t believe us. This is the epitome of a ‘cool girl’ haircut, and it has earned that spot because it looks like a million bucks on most face types. You can also play with layers in this hairdo, which means you can alter it to suit your face and hair type. Whether you wear it longer or flatter or with bangs or more body, it will not fail you.


8. Short And Wavy

A cousin of the shag but shorter, you can try this haircut if you don’t like spending much time styling your hair every time you go out. The best part about this style? It can hide your neck wrinkles as all the focus will be on the waves gracing your neck.


9. Long With Side Part

We spoke about the long waves with a middle parting, but long waves with a side-swept parting are no less good. The side-swept nature of this do is excellent in hiding all your facial imperfections and taking at least a couple of years off you.


10. Wispy And Short

Most stylists recommend that mature women should opt for hairdos that make their features appear softer and subtle as that gives a youthful appearance. The short and wispy style, maybe with very soft bangs added, can be a viable option for those who are aiming for a delicate feminine look.

Before trying out any of these hairdos, make sure you consult with your stylist at length about how you want to look. With that being said, any hairstyle can make you look gorgeous as long as you have the confidence to pull it off.

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