Do Women like Small Penis?

For so long, a larger penis has been associated with better sex. The penis is the most powerful symbol of male virility and men with a penis size of 7 inches or more often are proud of being highly gifted. It may be fair to believe that large always equates to being better; but a larger penis may cause discomfort or even pain to a woman during sex. Sex is all about pleasure and seduction and too often the size of the penis is one of many factors that can lead to an intense orgasem.

Do Women like Small Penis?


Penis size large and small

Before we try to answer whether women like a small penis we must define what constitutes a small penis. The average penis size is between 4.3 inches (11 cm) and 6.8 inches (17 cm). Also, depending on the region some of these averages will extend to both sides as it is for men in Africa to have slightly larger penises.
What must also be considered is the height and frame of the female. For instance, women in North Korea tend to be fairly short and have a thin frame; thus, despite North Korean men having some of the smaller penises in the world, relative to their partners’ size it may not be that small. It can be argued that a small penis will be around 2.8 inches (7 cm) flaccid or 4.7 (12 cm) inches erect.
Disadvantages of having a small penis
The fact that many men are bugged about or embarrassed by having a small penis has to have an explanation. The truth is that some women do prefer a larger penis and will swear by the pleasure received from higher friction. Men tend to have lower self-esteem and confidence if they have a small penis, especially if they are dating an attractive or taller woman. Confidence is highly attractive to women.
Additionally, one of the main concerns for women around small penises is that it is possible it affects intercourse. Smaller penises create less friction and it may be harder to get an orgasm. However, it must be highlighted that very few men have very small penises or micropenises.
Advantages of having a small penis
Looking at a sexual encounter as purely intercourse is a big mistake. Sex comprehends many other practices including foreplay that can build up to an orgasm. For instance, it is argued that it is easier to give oral sex to a man with a small penis. Equally, men can build up sexual skills by perfecting their foreplay and oral sex abilities.

Having fun and playing around during sex is highly important to keep things excited. Men with smaller penises may benefit from experimenting with different sex positions that will contribute to higher pleasure for both parties. For deeper stimulation, couples may try the butterfly position or any other position where the woman is lying on her back and has her legs elevated. Furthermore, the tight and normal doggy positions are a favorite to hit straight into the G spot.

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