Top 11 Foods That Will Help You Cleanse Your Lungs

Our bodies are filled with organs each one with their own importance, but our lungs are definitely among the most important. Responsible for the process of breathing, they are the ones that enable us to gather the oxygen we all need and take it to all the other organs. But, unfortunately, as we inhale oxygen, we also inhale other matters which can be harmful for our lungs, so a good cleanse is always a good idea! 

Top 11 Foods That Will Help You Cleanse Your Lungs


Our lungs are also the most sensitive. Diseases attack them easily, so they begin to decay. Some things that can really affect them are pollution and smoking.

You probably ask yourselves why lung cleansing when we can do a transplantation procedure? But, we have to be aware that this is among the most expensive and certainly the riskiest procedures of all! No doctor would recommend it unless it is truly necessary.

It is extremely important to take good care of your lungs. Even if you are a non-smoker, there is too much air pollution, people who smoke as well as harmful fossil fuels that we can’t act on.

So, that’s why we’ve decided to prepare this interesting article for you which includes 11 of the best foods that will help you cleanse your lungs and make them healthier than ever!


  1. Cruciferous vegetables

Here, we can include cauliflowers, cabbages and kohlrabi. It has been scientifically proven that when people intake more green and cruciferous vegetables, their risk of lung cancer is decreased. They help us clean our blood which improves the intake of oxygen and improves our heart.


  1. Carrots and Tomatoes

Carrots are full of vitamin A and tomatoes contain a lot of lycopene, two compounds that help us decrease the risk of lung cancer. They have the quality of antioxidants.

Try eating more vegetable salads.


  1. Omega-3 fatty acids

These well-known healthy fatty acids are mostly present in eggs, nuts and seeds. They can also be found in seafood, especially fish like cod, mackerel and salmon. They can especially be helpful because they increase the protection from lung cancer.


  1. Flavonoids

They can mostly be found in vegetables and fruits, but they are well-known to be able to decrease the risk of prostate and lung cancer.


  1. Garlic

People have been using garlic since ancient times. It’s anti-inflammatory and it helps us clean our blood in the best possible way.


  1. Green herbal tea

The taste isn’t that great, but still, this kind of tea contains plenty of body cleansing agents and antioxidants. People who consume green tea have low metabolic rates.


  1. Lemons and oranges

Both of the fruits are full of vitamin C which is known to be anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agent.


  1. Ginger

It helps us decrease the mucus build-up, so our pulmonary and nasal passages become clear. Our intake of oxygen also becomes improved.


  1. Turmeric

The amazing spice is great against microbes and harmful infections.


  1. Magnesium-rich foods

Magnesium deficiency can cause lung problems.


  1. Water

Dehydration is really bad, especially for our breathing since it has the ability to increase the risk of obtaining asthma or bronchitis.

Try to perform lung cleansing as much as you can. You’ll see that you’ll feel better and you’ll avoid any breathing difficulty or lung disease. Being happy means being healthy, so make sure you stay out of bad habits like for example, smoking. Consume these 11 foods every day and your health will be in optimal shape!

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