3-Day Detox Routine That Will Cleanse Your Body From Sugar, Boost Your Health and Help You Lose Weight

Obesity from overeating is one of the biggest health issues that the so-called Gen Y is facing at present. Bad working hours, long school hours and an overall boring existence has left them only one pleasure: food; junk, oily, fast and sugary food that does release a lot of dopamine in their system, but also causes death in way so slow that it doesn’t even seem like a danger. 

3-Day Detox Routine That Will Cleanse Your Body From Sugar, Boost Your Health and Help You Lose Weight


Moreover, the end result of sugar intake doesn’t help the consumer’s purpose. They do it to get some kick out of it, but end up, in the long run, overweight and with diseases like diabetes, increased blood pressure, heart issues and insulin tolerance, which as a sum leads to further depression and a far more painful existence.

Sugars are like energy currency to the body. It is the only substance that can be used to produce energy in the human body. All other nutrients, proteins for example, are converted into sugars first and then expended.

But too much sugar accumulates as fat. The body treats it like reserves for a drought that never comes.

Excess sugars can also cause yeast infections, in case you didn’t know, because the body excretes sugar as urine, some of which accumulates in the urinary passages, inviting infecting yeast spores.

It is of utmost importance hence to cleanse the body of excess sugars, in order to prevent future lapses of health.

Here is a three-day detox programme that will help you fight the accumulation of sugar in your body.

It is a diet that will force your body to use up its sugar reserves and create the energy it requires to go about better.

Day 1

For breakfast have some oats (about a cup in volume) with assorted fruits. Recommended fruits include berries, blueberries, apples and pears. You can put in some nuts like almonds and cashews for good measure.

You can totally replace that with three eggs, scrambled or boiled depending on your taste and mood.

For lunch try a boiled breast of chicken with assorted green vegetables like spinach. Put in other starch-free vegetables too, to supplement your fibre intake.

For dinner try some lean salmon and butternut squash, boiled beans and greens.

Day 2

Repeat the previous breakfast. Or if you want to mix things up, try cereals instead of oats and use some skimmed milk with it.

For lunch, try some zucchini stir fried with mushrooms and tofu. You can try an assorted tossed salad with a dash of olive oil too.

Try a potluck vegetable soup. Put in non-starchy veggies like cabbages, mushrooms, Chinese cabbages, cauliflowers, Brussels sprouts, green beans, etc. for dinner.

Day 3

Try one of the three plausible options for breakfast. Change up the berries and fruits if it helps.

For lunch, try some pan-roasted chicken thighs with thyme, basil and rosemary. Spices are absolutely sugar-free, so go ahead knock yourself out.

For dinner try a vegetable broth.

Believe us, you will see results.

To keep on seeing results, try to wean yourself off the sugar you put in your coffee or, even better, replace the coffee with an herbal tea.

Be healthy. Be happy.

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