10 Night-Time Drinks That Can Help You Lose Stomach Fat

10 Night-Time Drinks That Can Help You Lose Stomach Fat

Due to the constraints of time, it is not possible for many of us to visit a gym or work out daily. This results in us growing a pot-belly, which apart from being quite unattractive, can host a lot of problems. The excess amount of fat stored there doesn’t do anyone, any good. It would be quite feasible if one tried one of the following drinks to see if they help in losing belly-fat:-


1. Cucumber Squash

Cucumber can be turned into a nourishing refreshment, while keeping all the dietary requirements in check. Simply squeezing a single container of cut cucumbers, along with half cup water would ensure the body takes in lesser calories than is required, which would lead to the burning of fat. Also, it will fulfill your hunger pangs without leading to binge-eating.


2. Pear and Sage

This barely needs a shaker to make. Put in 1 ounce of Pear liquer, an ounce of new lime juice and some sage in a shaker, and shake until it is cold and done. Add cava to it after straining it, and drink it before dinner.


3. Cucumber and Lime

What one can do for this is put freshly cut cucumbers along with a pitcher of ice-water. This will help detox your body and flush out all the toxins from it, while giving you the feeling of contentment, so you don’t eat more.

4. Grape and Cinnamon

Grapefruit contains Naringin, which helps in bringing down glucose, which results in reducing weight. The mixture is pretty simple as one has to squeeze out the juice from grapes which would then be added to a syrup of water, sugar, and cinnamon. Serve with mint and ice it.


5. Lemon Juice

Quite possibly the most common refreshment out there, lemon juice helps in controlling the pH level in the body, not allowing acidity to reach over a certain point, after which it would result in diseases. To make this, squeeze four lemons and add it to a glass of sparkling water. Cut the last lemon in a circle and stick it in the glass. Serve with ice.


6. Indian Drink

This concoction leads to both fat loss and muscle definition in the body. It also helps in flushing out the toxins from the stomach, which keeps the stomach walls healthy and safe. For this, all you have to do is mix sugar, water and lime juice in a container, which you can then put in a pitcher and serve with ice and mint.


7. Apple Juice

This keeps the stomach free and helps in nurturing a healthy growth of the body. Apples have always been considered to be a good catalyst for weight reduction and are beneficial for the blood flow in the body too. To prepare this, one needs to add crushed apple juice, water, sugar and mix it well. One needs to serve this with some apple slices and mint.


8. Veggie Squash

This juice has always been considered to be low in sugar, although some corporations do add metal and sugar to it.

The process is, yet again, pretty simple. Firstly, you have to cut toll peppers and a couple of cucumbers, then sprinkle them with sugar. Finally, dice the last cucumber and the lone lemon. Have the lime peeled and the juice pressed. Finally, squeeze the lemons.

Add all this to a pitcher of shining water, while incorporating mint in the mix. It will help if you garnish it with lemon and cucumber pieces.


9. Pineapple Juice

This drink is effective against cancer, weight loss and several other afflictions. It also increases the metabolism rate, while slicing through the blood pressure.

To make it, heat up water in a container and add lemon slices to it. Add sugar, and after the lemon has completely soaked up, start putting in the skin, which would enhance it. Sift the juice, while adding lemon and pineapple slices. Finally, let it cool down, usually by placing it in a fridge.


10. Berries and Herbs Drink

This drink is perfect for those hot summer months.

The procedure to this drink includes juicing limes and lemons in a container, after which strawberries and herbs (usually Basil) are to be included in it. Finally, let the produce slumber for a while- it helps them cool down. Remove the peel which actually helps in controlling the fragrance. The, add water and ice, and serve it with slices of strawberries.

Give it a try, why don’t you? It all depends on how diligently you would go through this. Also, you need to consume the drink at least twice a week to see best results.

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