6 Morning Habits That Cause Weight Gain

6 Morning Habits That Cause Weight Gain

All of us have a particular morning routine. Even if you don’t go by the book, or have to-do lists organized, you can recognize a certain pattern of behavior that you follow once you wake up. It may be something as planned as having a cup of lemon juice as soon as you wake up, or crashing the alarm exactly 20 times each day.


Here are 6 things you do that could cause weight gain:

1. You Laze Around In Dim Light:

According to credible research, if you move around in your musty room, with the curtains drawn, you are depriving yourself of the benefits of sunlight. That dark room might even lead to lethargy and lead you to procrastinate.


2. Not Keeping A Constant Check:

A very healthy habit is to check your weight as soon as you have woken up. That is the optimum period of the day for determining the correct number. Most of us skip the deed, either because we are in a hurry, or because we do not want to be depressed early in the morning.


3. Not Having Breakfast:

It happens to be the most important meal of the day. People often skip breakfast under the impression that one less meal will contribute heavily to their weight loss strategy. That is far from true. It only makes one weaker, and prone to many illnesses.


4. Not Arranging Your Bed-clothes:

A proper sleep at night is associated with a healthy body. If you leave your bed in disarray, it signals towards a bad mood or a bad sleep pattern. If you want to check that waistline, stop leaving these basic chores for when you get back home from the office.


5. You Survive On Caffeine:

Coffee gives us the adrenaline rush we all need to get us through boring and laborious tasks. Often, I have witnessed how the brain refuses to function until you have ingested a gallon of coffee into the system. While it is a widespread habit, it is far from healthy. An excessive dependence on caffeine and the addiction to the same has horrific effects on the body. In fact, we often substitute water with coffee. Irrespective of how good your Barista is, water is a primary fluid you must have enough of.


6. Postpone Your Alarm:

We are often overambitious while setting our alarms. “Oh, I’ll definitely need only 2 hours of sleep”, or “just 15 more minutes”. Be realistic when you are setting your wake-up call, and then stick to it. Don’t compromise on your sleep. A good 6-8 hours is healthy and set your alarm accordingly. Once that is done, don’t sleep in!

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