The 80/20 Diet – Eat Healthy and Lose Weight, Still You Can Have You Favorite Cake

The 80/20 Diet – Eat Healthy and Lose Weight, Still You Can Have You Favorite Cake

Are you looking for a diet that’s easy to follow, can help you lose your weight and improve your health? If you are, the “80:20” diet is what you need! The diet is pretty simple: you eat healthy meals 80% of the time and choose what you love to eat the other 20%. 


The 80% rules

What does is mean to eat 80% healthy meals? It means to make half of your plate different fruits and vegetables. The rest of your plate should be consisted of whole grains and lean protein. Drink lots of water and try to limit your intake of saturated fat and added sugars.



Add fresh, canned or frozen veggies to your favorite salads or just use them as side dishes. Choose different colors of veggies to get different nutrients. You can steam, grill or saute them. Just don’t use a lot of sauces and don’t over season with salt.


Whole Grains

Consume more oatmeal, farro, popcorn, quinoa and brown rice. Limit the snacks, cakes and cookies that are prepared with white flour.



Cut on saturated fat and consume fat-free milk, yogurt, soy and nut milks. When you have fairy fat, always choose the low-fat versions.



Chicken is not bad for you, but it’s better for your overall health to mix things up a bit. Consume more fish, beans, peas, nuts, soy, seeds and eggs.


The 20% rules 

After your healthy 80% are over, it’s time for the 20% of enjoyment. Have a glass of wine with your dinner, or an ice cream to treat yourself, but don’t overdo it because this can send all your hard work out the window. Don’t think of your meals as ”punishment” or “reward”. The best way to get results is to embrace the healthy meals and enjoy the special treats.


Can the 80/20 Rule help you lose weight?

Following the rule can definitely help you lose weight, but how much weight you lose, depends on your healthy eating habits before starting the 80/20. Portion control and moderation is key to losing weight. Don’t forget to exercise and drink tons of water if you want to see results!

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