How to Lose Weight by Walking: 10 Tips

 How to Lose Weight by Walking: 10 Tips

We just think about intensive workouts when it comes to losing weight, that’s how we’ve been conditioned to think until now.

But you’ve always thought how cool it would be if you could lose weight by incorporating an exercise that our ancestors have been doing ever since our evolution. Simple walking. If for some reason you’re one of the people whose job or lifestyle refrains them from hard-core workouts, then this article is for you.

If you are out there looking for a simpler way of getting rid of that excess weight, a great way to do it is to get acquainted with a walking program. It’s low-impact, convenient for almost any age or fitness level to fit into a busy schedule and availability. 


1. Get Start, but slowly.

You can’t just wake up one day and say you’ll go for an 8-hour walk. Sounds extreme right? Start off with 15 minutes, and then increase slowly as you go. 


2. Pick your own pace.

Go as slowly or as fast as you wish – just make sure you’re doing it under your terms. Switch things up, see what works, explore your body’s natural rhythm. 


3. Be conscious of your posture.

Always make sure to keep your back straight and your shoulders up. It’s a blessing for the lower back if you keep your abs strong while you walk, too. 


4. Shake things up.

Start with walking on the streets, then go to the mountains, to the beach… Try different surfaces and different difficulties. See what works and what challenges you. 


5. Divide the time you walk.

Walk maybe 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. Divide whatever time you want to spend walking during the whole day. You don’t feel doing the smaller fragments. 


6. Include weights.

This will definitely help you lose weight faster. Just introduce the weights slowly and watch for pressure on your back. 


7. Get on a healthy diet.

If you’re eating a  healthy low-calorie diet, then you’ll see results in no time. It’s really important you eat though, as even walking can get you exhausted and dehydrated. Speaking of which… 


8. Hydration is key.

Make sure you drink PLENTY of water. And I do mean that. Your body might not feel as exhausted as right after that cardio in the gym, but it is exhausted and it needs to stay hydrated. Drink lots of water. 


9. Invite a friend.

If you have company, you’ll have greater motivation and no excuse. So, see if you have an available friend who’d like to lose a couple of pounds – I’m sure we all do. 


10. Entertain yourself.

Podcasts, music, audiobooks. Literally, anything can keep your mind entertained while you’re taking your walk. And you can maybe even learn something along the way.


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