Here Are 7 Breakfast Mistakes You Can Make & Gain Weight


Here Are 7 Breakfast Mistakes You Can Make & Gain Weight

Most studies claim that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and one must definitely not skip breakfast, especially when they are on a weight loss journey. It is said that a healthy wholesome breakfast gives you the energy to kickstart your day and boosts your metabolism.

But there are certain ways your favourite meal of the day can do the opposite of what it should. It can make you gain weight. Yes, you read that right. Making a few breakfast mistakes can hamper your weight loss goals. 

Here are seven ways your breakfast is not helping you lose weight:


Not including protein in your breakfast

While on a weight loss journey, one must include protein in all their meals. Skipping protein in breakfast can lead to the consumption of excess calories later. Protein helps by keeping you satiated and stopping you from binge eating. Add some kind of lean protein in your breakfast like a banana with nut butter, a bowl of cereal with some hard-boiled eggs. 

Eating sugary foods

Right after waking up, one must try not to eat anything with high sugar or saturated fat as that can impact your liver. It is recommended to include whole foods to boost your metabolism and keep your energy levels stable. 

​Only eating carbs

Breakfast consisting mostly of carbs can leave you famished in no time. Having too many carbs can also cause a spike in the blood sugar levels. Your breakfast must be a proper mix of all nutrients including carbs, protein, fibre and fats. 

​Skipping breakfast

Skipping breakfast can make you overeat at lunch and dinner, which can ultimately make you gain weight. If you aren't very hungry in the morning or don't have time to eat a proper breakfast, you can opt for a snack like an apple with milk or some hard-boiled eggs. It is always best to prep for your breakfast a day in advance so that you do not have to spend much time preparing it the next morning. 

​You are not eating a balanced meal

Having only one type of breakfast can also lead to weight gain. For example, if you are only having waffles at breakfast, you are missing out on protein and fibre. Having a meal that is a good balance of all nutrients including protein, fibre, carbs and fats will keep you full till lunchtime. You can have whole grain bread with avocado topping, bananas, nuts and some milk for a balanced breakfast. 

​You only eat cereal

Most packaged cereals have refined grain and added sugar, which makes them super unhealthy. They have artificial nutrients and the sugar in it provides you with a burst of energy, which crashes very soon until you pair it with some healthy fat and protein. 

You eat too quickly

When you eat very fast, your body is unable to figure out when you are full and thus you end up overeating. Thus, eating mindfully and slowly is very important for your weight loss goals.t.

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