Face Mapping: What Science Says & How it Works


Face Mapping: What Science Says & How it Works

Face mapping comes from Chinese medicine, and in Chinese we also call it “mien shiang”. According to this tradition, blemishes and rashes on the skin (especially on the face) are nothing but signs of your organs. Let us explain in details and you will understand immediately! 


Listen to your body and understand your skin.

What your forehead tells us.

If you don’t have any special skin problems, but occasionally have a few pimples on your forehead, then this is definitely call from your digestive system. Food, too much sugar or bad fat, and lack of water. Be careful with what you put on the plate and in your stomach, eat a healthy and balanced diet, and don’t hide your forehead behind your bangs! If acne appears between the eyebrows, it may also be a sign of the liver. In this case, don’t drink mojitos and other cocktails, drink plenty of water. 


What your chin tells us.

Hello, you have a pimple on your chin! If he dares to show up, there may be two reasons: first, hormonal imbalance, because the lower part of the face is directly connected to the reproductive organs. Take care of your skin; remove makeup in the morning and before bed, then wash off with a gentle cleansing gel or foam. Secondly, white bumps on the chin or red spots on the chin may also be a sign of stomach problems. In the second case, it’s time for a detox break: drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and avoid sugar cravings! 


What your cheekbones tell us.

For everyone who likes makeup: The first cause of small pimples and blemishes on the skin is the bacteria hidden in the makeup brush. To avoid this, please remember to clean your brushes and makeup blenders regularly (at least once a week). On the other hand, in Chinese medicine cheekbones reflects respiratory organs. Here goes one more reason to quit smoking. 


What your nose tells us.

We are talking about your digestive system again! In order to get rid of pimples on your nose, you need to reduce your intake of unhealthy fats, especially unhealthy foods, while maintaining cholesterol levels good. Yes, we know it is difficult. But we only say “reduce”, not “exhaust”. To promote good fat, you can eat salmon, avocado or almonds. You can do this! 


Final thoughts

Even in today’s modern world, the ancient practice of facial mapping is still relevant. Together with Western medicine, the link between organ health and skin health is at the core of facial mapping, which can provide useful information for anyone struggling with stubborn breakouts. This is another piece of the puzzle in developing treatment plan for your skin.


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