10 Quick Tips to Lose Weight If You’re a Lazybones


10 Quick Tips to Lose Weight If You’re a Lazybones

Let us be honest who does not want to be fit, slim and healthy in this day and age. However getting that ideal body seems like too much work for most of us. We try and fail time and again to look ripped and fit. 


Diets are simply torture for most of us and hitting the gym is something we all do at some point but just cannot keep up. So what is one to do in order to shed those extra pounds.

1. Water before Meals

Water is the element of life. We have many times each and every day of our lives. One thing we often overlook however is how good water is in helping us digest our food. Drinking water at the right time has major health benefits. If you have say one or two glasses of water half an hour before all meals than your metabolism works faster.

Not only would it help in digestion but you would also eat less as there you are partially filled with water.


2. Give your food due respect

Put that phone away for a few minutes the world will not end if you do not answer that text right away or if you leave your newsfeed for a little while. Eat and savor your food without any distractions such as the TV or your phone. Just eat slowly enjoy your food and you will actually end up eating less.


3. Do not eat in bowls and use slightly smaller plates

One way to eat less is simply by pouring less of the good stuff into your plate in the first place and use a smaller plate for a smaller portion. You could also try eating with either a chopstick or a smaller spoon if eating with a chopstick is not your thing.


4. More sleep

When you sleep well not only do you eat less but you also have a better metabolism and burn those calories faster than if you are sleep deprived. Thus staying in bed longer is not that bad after all.


5. Sleep in a cold room

While this might not be for everyone sleeping in a room with a temperature of 19C or less is good as the body burns more fat to keep you warm,


6. Have more fat burners

Having more fat burners in your diet helps a lot. It is highly recommended to have green tea for instance hot pepper, nuts, eggs, salmon and olive oil should be added to your diet in order to help you control your weight and remain healthy.


7. Indulge your taste buds

Do not cut out things from your diet just reduce intake. If you want to have chocolate for instance have it just do not have loads of it. Strict prohibitions are not a good thing and lead to stress which in the end leads to more eating and piling on those pounds.


8. Brushing your teeth

No surprises here. If you just brush after every meal you will not want to munch on things in between.


9. Laughing

Well not only does it help to burn a fifth more fat than when we are just idling around. Laughing is also a great stress reliever.


10. Using hot compresses

Heat some parts of your body where you want to get rid of fat. You can also use a hair dryer.

There are many other really cool and simple tricks in order to lose those extra pounds and not all of them involve starving yourself or working out at the gym too hard. There are other less stressful ways to lose weight and these are only some and there are many others.

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