These Are The Biggest Eyebrow Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

These Are The Biggest Eyebrow Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

In the past few years, even the most makeup-challenged of us have understood that brows can make or break your face. However, despite the plethora of brow products in the market, the vast number of eyebrow tutorials, and so many examples of celebrities and beauty gurus doing it right, many of us are still making the same old eyebrow mistakes. Here, we list some common ones, and explain what you should be doing instead.


1. Picking The Wrong Color

A common problem among most women, we automatically end up picking a color that is way too dark for our brows. Apps says that if you naturally have a dark eyebrow color, your aim shouldn’t be to match it. It should be picking a color that is two shades lighter than the natural color of your brows. This helps in defining the eyebrow shape without it coming off as too strong.


2. Over-Defining Your Brow

Over-defining your brow means shaping in a sharply angular fashion, either making them appear too dark or too thick. Such eyebrow styles can be very hard to pull off and can make you look very awkward, almost cartoonish. Also, don’t use black eyeliner if you’re keeping your brows thick and dark. The effect will be too overpowering.


3. Getting The Arch Wrong

Eyebrow arches when done right can look very sexy! To get the perfect arch, you should start by holding up your brow pencil and using your side nose as the point to pivot from. Next, hold the pencil in a manner so that your right eye views it as passing through your iris’s side. That’s the line you should follow up to your brow, creating an arch where the two intersect. However, before you draw the arch, check yourself in the mirror to see if the arch looks good at that point on you.


4. Having Mismatched Brows

Naturally, the human body is almost always asymmetrical and the same is true for your brows. However, mismatched brows don’t look good and you can make them symmetrical with a simple trick. If either one of your eyebrows is higher as compared to the other one, you should thread the portion lower to this brow to give an illusion that it’s lower. Likewise, thread the upper portion of the lower brow to make them of the same height. Don’t remove too much of hair on either eyebrow though as it can make it thin and the desired effect should be to have fuller brows.


5. Too Much Of Eyebrow Powder

As always, choosing the right shade of powder is a must. That said, the powder buildup shouldn’t be too heavy once you’re done. To achieve a light, natural look every time, you should clean your brushes regularly so you never get excess powder on your brows. You could also brush off excess powder by dusting the brush at the back of your hand before application. It’s a great way to build up natural depth.


6. Not Blending Well

If applying a pencil or powder to your brows is a part of your makeup routine, you should ensure that you don’t apply an excess of either. When applying powder, brush off the excess by shaking it and as for your pencil, always keep it sharp and pointy. The light application of these products will enable you to build up on the color. Once applied, you can brush through your eyebrows to achieve a soft effect. Always make sure that you’ve evenly blended all products that you’ve applied to your brows.


7. Not Having The Brow Shape For Your Face

Every face shape is meant for a certain kind of brow shape. You might be tempted to experiment but it’s best to stick to what suits you. Here’s a mini guide to help you out:

  • Oval face: You can try any brow shape!
  • Long face: Long, straight brows will suit you best.
  • Square face: Arched brows with a soft curve.
  • Round face: Short brows with a well-defined arch.


8. Over-Plucking Your Brows

In an attempt to get their brow shape just ‘right,’ most women end up over-plucking their own brows. That is a big no-no if you want thick, well-shaped brows. While it’s okay to pluck out the odd stray strand, you should leave the rest of your eyebrow shaping process to the professionals. That’s because if you pluck too many, you will be left with oddly shaped brows.


9. Over-Trimming Your Brows

Again, if you intend to trim your own brows, you should do so with extreme caution. You might think you’re trimming just a little but it may end up as a lot! Trimming should only be reserved for cases when it’s absolutely necessary. If you’re doubtful though, visit your parlor and let a professional do it.


10. Wrong Brow Placement

When drawing your brows, you should be careful not to draw them too high or too low. Both of these looks are unflattering. The brow you draw should be in alignment with your brow bone. That’s where it’ll look best!

Making your brows look good can be tricky business. But avoiding these 10 mistakes will ensure you always look spectacular!

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