Moringa: What Can The Super Plant Do?

 Moringa: What Can The Super Plant Do?

A new superfood that is said to be super-healthy is appearing. For example Moringa – a tropical tree that supplies a lot of protein.

What is it about?

The leaves, flowers and seeds of the tropical Moringa tree are processed into tea, powder and oil. The powder can be used in many different ways, for example for smoothies, soups and pastries. Moringa leaves contain a wide range of vitamins, many minerals and secondary plant substances such as polyphenols and anthocyanins. Epigallochatechin gallate is also found in green tea, and a cancer-preventive effect has already been proven. The special thing about Moringa is the high protein and iron content in the leaves, which makes the product interesting for vegans and raw food lovers. Also one should be able to lose weight with Moringa.

Moringa: What Can The Super Plant Do?

Really a superfood?

Not really. Because you don’t eat moringa leaves fresh and pure, but dried and ground into powder as an ingredient in food and drinks. The question is how much of the nutrients are still in the end product. And: A heavily sweetened or otherwise not really healthy food does not become more valuable even with a portion of Moringa. In addition, the plant does not contain anything that cannot be found in our local fresh food. The fact that Moringa makes you slim remains wishful thinking as long as you do not change your diet in other ways.

Tip: If you want to try it, you should read the relevant literature and not order from just any supplier, because there are obviously big differences in quality.

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