Lemonade Diet To Detox Your Body and Burn Fat!

Lemonade Diet To Detox Your Body and Burn Fat!

In later years, there is a lot of shouting on the internet about various diets. for quick weight loss. Although, most of them have disappointed, primarily because it is difficult to follow and promising impossible results. Following Lemonade diet aims to eliminate toxins and help you lose weight. This is why it’s also called the master cleanse diet.

Guide to Lemonade Diet

The prime ingredient of this weight loss plan is cayenne pepper lemonade. The Lemonade diet is easy to follow and is very simple, and can be cheaper than any other regular diet.

It is dedicated to people that seek quick weight loss, as no solid food is allowed for at least 10 days. The only foods to consume are tea, spicy lemonade drink, water, and salt. Which is an extreme regime change for many. Therefore gradually ease is needed in this case. Let’s check all the advantages and disadvantages of the Lemonade diet.

Benefits of Lemonade Diet

Easy And Simple – to follow as you don’t need to count calories or cooking. It’s just perfect for those who don’t prefer food preparation.

Its cheap – the only foods allowed on the Lemonadе Diet are cayenne pepper, lemon juice, maple syrup,water , salt, and tea, this makes this program relatively inexpensive.

Provides Results Very Fast – the diet is very low in calories and consist lemon, water, cayenne pepper that great weight loss stimulators.


Lemonade Diet Cons

Difficulty following more than 1 week – without solid food can be quite difficult to follow, both physically or mentally. Lowering calorie intake can lead the body to increase levels of cortisol.

Definitely Not Balanced – Drinking only lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper will not provide sufficient protein, fiber, fats, minerals or vitamins minerals that body needs.

Possible Side Effects – All low-calorie diets even lemonadе diet, can cause side effects in some individuals, like dizziness, fatigue, bad breath, headaches, and nausea.

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