11 Ways To Detox Your Lymphatic System (Your Body’s Drains)


11 Ways To Detox Your Lymphatic System (Your Body’s Drains)

Toxins and other biological fluids must be regularly eliminated in order to preserve health. The lymphatic system controls this process. We provide you with hints and techniques to preserve and enhance the detoxification procedure.


Raw fruit
The acids and enzymes in fruits can improve the work of the lymphatic system. For best results eat raw fruits in the morning before breakfast or in evening before going to sleep.


Water is very important part of the proper work of all systems and the lymphatic system is no exception. If you are thirsty that is an alarm from your body that it’s already dehydrated. Therefore, you need to consume water before feeling thirsty.

Quit other drinks
Artificially flavored drinks, sports drinks and coffee can obstruct the work of the lymphatic system. It is recommended that you substitute these drinks with water which you can flavor with herbs and fresh fruits.


Sometimes the work of the system slows down. Specifically trained masseur or masseuse can help your body regulate the detoxification process.


Regular physical activity will improve your body functions. Doing yoga, jumping on a trampoline and running are some examples of workouts you should try.

Green Veggies
Vegetables with high levels of chlorophyll like leafy greens can help you cleanse your body and lymph system.


Herbal teas
Herbal teas such as indigo root, echinacea, goldenseal and others can improve the the detox process.


Hot and cold showers
Switching between hot and cold water while showering protects the blood vessels and boosts the lymph flow.


Nuts and seeds
Consuming nuts and seeds rich in fatty acids helps you maintain the proper work of the lymph system because the acids are crucial in the operation of the system. But make sure you avoid salty nuts and seeds, since sodium is source of stress for the lymph system.

Dry skin brushing
One of the signs of a disrupted lymph system is a slow flow. Before taking a shower, brush your skin with coarse brush using circular movements starting from the head ending at the heart, and in the opposite direction from the feet to the heart.


eep breathing
Proper breathing helps the flow of the lymph in the entire body. Short, shallow breathing can impair the work of the lymph system and deep, slow breathing enhances it. Having a routine for deep breathing for even a few minutes a day is a great way to regulate the work of the lymph system.

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