10 Signs Your Body Has Too Much Estrogen And How To Start Flushing it Out Immediately

10 Signs Your Body Has Too Much Estrogen And How To Start Flushing it Out Immediately

We all know that estrogen is the primary sex hormone in females that’s in charge of the female reproductive system and some of the sex characteristics. That’s why it’s vital to keep this hormone’s levels in balance which is becoming more and more difficult as we’re constantly exposed to toxins that shift our hormones out of balance and cause all sorts of health problems.

If one’s estrogen levels get higher than normal, estrogen dominance appears. Estrogen dominance is a serious health problem which can lead to numerous health issues if not resolved in time. To be able to resolve it we first need to recognize the early symptoms and react in time to prevent further complications.

Below you’ll find the top 10 most common symptoms of estrogen dominance:

  • Severe PMS symptoms;
  • Low libido;
  • Hair loss;
  • Weaker metabolism;
  • Insomnia;
  • Constant fatigue;
  • Weight gain;
  • Thyroid disorders;
  • Brain fog;
Irregular and heavy menstrual periods.

There are ways in which you can lower your estrogen levels and restore the hormonal balance in your body without taking hormonal drugs and therapy.

Avoid xenoestrogens exposure

Have you heard of xenoestrogens? They’re usually found in plastic bottles, Tupperware, non-organic dairy, BPA cans and tap water. They imitate the estrogen effects in our body and raise this hormone’s levels through the roof. If you want to prevent hormonal imbalance you should avoid using these products.

Eliminate toxins and chemicals

If your body flushes out all the toxins and chemicals effectively out of your system you will be able to avoid estrogen dominance. To do this you need to follow a healthy diet and improve your lymph flow. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and consume probiotics as they’re efficient in maintaining a proper balance in your estrogen levels.

Sauna is also an extremely efficient way to promote toxins elimination, while dry brushing can significantly improve your lymph flow.

Optimal liver health

If your liver doesn’t operate at its optimal level it won’t be able to flush out the chemicals and toxins out of your system. This will inevitably lead to hormonal imbalance and similar health issues. If your liver functions properly it will be able to weaken the excess estrogen levels in your body and flush it out through the urine.

To support your liver function you need to drink plenty of water and follow a healthy eating regimen. Foods like onions, garlic, cabbage, beets, broccoli, artichokes and leafy greens can significantly improve your liver function so you should consume them in abundance. Herbs like dandelion root, milk thistle and matcha also promote liver function, so consider introducing them to your diet as well. Limit the alcohol intake to a minimum and don’t overeat.

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