What Are The First Things Women Look At When They See A Man

It is possible that the vast majority of guys have stopped to ask themselves the same question that is the title of this article: what do women look at when they see a man?. For us it is clear: you see the face, the body especially the chest and bum and then you continue to cast your gaze over our curves and begin to notice the details. We call men superficial a lot but could it be that we are not so different? Let's find out. 

What Are The First Things Women Look At When They See A Man



It's a shame to unravel the mystery so quickly but the answer is no, we are not different from men. For decades we have been quiet, staying silent and hiding ourselves behind favouring the rules of social conduct based on decency and morality, but no longer!


When it comes to seeing a man from afar, even when your eyes meet it is clear that physical appearance comes first. With some guys we notice, in no particular order, the face first and then the rest of the body or vice versa depending on the occasion.


Once we've checked over your whole appearance, we begin to take notice of your style. Whether we do it consciously or unconsciously we look at how you dress, decide if we like it or not, if you have tattoos, your hairstyle, clothes and even your smell and cologne if close enough.


Only after entirely scanning a man, which takes no more than a few seconds, do we start to notice the details and then focus on the main features: his eyes, his hands, his mouth, his laugh, and his face always. His arms, his bum and whatever can we can see depending on how he is dressed, each woman will say something different according to what they like.


How he moves around, if he seems friendly and sociable, how he treats his friends and acquaintances are also factors that a woman will notice within a few moments of seeing a new man.


If there is opportunity to speak to them, then other elements that we notice will come into play: sense of humour, his job, the way he talks, his confidence and other endless details that depend on the girl.


You know if you ever hear us say it again: "the first thing I notice in a man is his hands"; or "his eyes", lies! Like you, we notice everything.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

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