How To Impress A Woman In Bed


If you want to keep your sex life from becoming routine, boring and repetitive, you should look for new ways to surprise and try new things whilst having good sex. In this article we give you the key factors to avoid falling into a routine and to satisfy your partner completely.
How To Impress A Woman In Bed

Read on and find out how to impress a woman in bed, discover everything they like and learn to see sex as something pleasant and not just as a habit or necessity. Become the best lover with the following tips.
Steps to follow:
Get the right mood. If your sex life is cold and unromantic, it's time to add some atmosphere to the event. Here are some safe bets to impress a woman: candles, rose petals, a glass of good wine... It might seem too common or cliché, but it is always an effective way to surprise her. She will melt in your hands from the very first minute!
To impress a woman in bed it is important to leave routine behind and break up the monotony. So if you always have sex in the same place, it's time to start trying new things. Prepare a getaway where sex is the main attraction or get ready to surprise her in every corner of the house: the kitchen, the shower, the stairs, the terrace... Take a risk. Why not try different places than the usual?
Learn to use sex toys and incorporate them into your encounters. They can be very exciting and fun and you can leave your woman impressed. Explore new paths toward sexuality together, discover new erogenous zones and give your partner an extreme and unfamiliar pleasure.
To please a woman in bed, you should pay close attention. Find out what she really likes and give yourself completely over to her pleasure. Devoting time to her excitement and pleasure will be the way to leave her wanting more. Don't stop at foreplay and discover how you can enjoy sex non-stop. 
Take care of the details. How about using the famous embrace position to get a grip of your girl and maximize her excitement? Grab her by the hips and lift her up so she can wrap herself around your torso. Caress her, kiss her and compliment her... It will be a fantastic start for a good session of pleasure with no half measures.
Erotic massages? Yes, yes and always yes! Help yourself with essential oils, feathers or other relaxing instruments and a good atmosphere for this massage with a really happy ending. Back, shoulders, buttocks, legs... and sex. A woman will love this exciting and pleasurable act. Massage her whole body with love and dedication. You will leave her speechless!
Try new games and exchange roles, always knowing in advance what she likes or not. If you are excited by these types of games, don't hesitate to look for others options to impress her: costumes, handcuffs, playing with food... Share the reins in your sex session and discover how exciting even simply discussing it can be.
Changing positions. If you want to impress a woman during sex, besides being pleasurable, it has to be innovative. Don't stick with the usual positions and make your meetings a true reading of the Kama Sutra. You will discover new erogenous zones and you can please her and satisfy her pleasantly. Break with convention and enjoy sex like crazy!
This is how to impress a woman in bed - but of course, each woman is different. Ask her what she likes and try new things together. Pay attention!

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