The Damage Sleeping With Wet Hair Does To Your Body !

Sometimes you’re so exhausted, you don’t even want to take a shower before going to bed…and you’ve been to the gym. Sometimes, you have that last ounce of strength to take a bath, but not enough to do the whole procedure of face, hair and body check-up afterwards.

Going to bed right after you took a bath, without drying your hair can be very harmful for your overall health. And here is why…

The Damage Sleeping With Wet Hair Does To Your Body !


Cause of headaches

Severe headaches in the morning is what you will probably get from going to bed with wet hair. As the body heats up during the sleep, the moisture on your head will give you a headache because of the big difference of body and head temperature.

Sticky hair

Your hair will be a mess the next day, that’s for sure. Especially people with long hair should avoid sleeping with wet hair, because this causes hair damaging and breaking, also, inevitable hair stickiness.


Due to the extra moisture that is left on your head and sculp, different sorts of itchiness and even redness may occur the next day.

Pain in the muscles – the sudden change of temperatures can also cause muscle pain and also, severe cramps can even wake you up in the middle of the night. There are even cases record of paralysis due to different body part temperatures and eventual deaths!


All that moisture is ideal for developing extra bacteria in your pillow, which already contains moisture from your sweat and face.


A moist scalp will interfere the function of sebaceous glands which are found on the scalp. This can result with either producing more oil or reducing the natural oil production of the scalp, thus, causing dandruff to develop, disrupting the natural pH balance of the skin on the scalp.

Many reasons to keep your pillow and sleeping place dry, right? And the next time you’re feeling really sleepy, better decide to wash your hair the next day. This decision is better for you overall health and also your good looks the next morning!

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