Forget The Pajamas. Here Are The Unexpected Health Benefits Of Sleeping In The Nude

Nudity… it’s not just for babies, shower time, or skinny dipping. It’s actually very good for sleeping as there are various health benefits to sleeping in the nude.

From sleeping more soundly to helping you lose weight, we can’t imagine why anyone would not want to sleep naked.


Forget The Pajamas. Here Are The Unexpected Health Benefits Of Sleeping In The Nude

Here are all the reasons that sleeping in the nude will benefit your health.


1) Lose Weight

Sleeping in a cool environment helps to boost your metabolism and burn more calories than you would otherwise at night when your metabolism generally slows down.


2) Sleep More Soundly

Sleeping naked allows you to keep your body cooler. For you to fall into a full sleep, your body has to drop a half of a degree. It’s much easier to achieve an optimal sleep temperature by sleeping naked rather than in some heavy PJs.


3) It’s Healthy For Your Private Parts


Wearing underwear or tight material over your private parts can increase bacteria growth or give you a yeast infection. Sleeping in the nude will air our your private parts and prevent that growth.


4) It keeps you young

In addition to sleeping soundly and comfortably, sleeping naked makes it easier to ditch your dead skin cells and hair follicle, allowing your body to replenish its moisturizing oils giving you a healthy glow.


In addition, sleeping naked lowers your body temperature, protecting your cells and slowing down the process of aging.


5) It’s Sexy

Sometimes in a relationship, you have to keep things sexy and sleeping in the buff is a great way to do that. Sleeping nude can help you maintain intimacy, plus having skin-to-skin contact is also healing.


6) It’s SO Cozy

Getting into your cool sheets fully naked is a comfort that’s hard to explain because it’s just so satisfying. Sleeping naked means you won’t have to fidget with your too tight or too loose PJs or toss and turn just to seek out the right temperature. These things are very annoying, especially when you’re trying to doze off. But feeling the soft cool sheets on your naked self is just so damn comfortable and soothing.

7) It Relieves Stress

Since sleeping in the nude is so cozy and comfortable, you’re naturally going to be more relaxed. Plus the feeling of being free and uninhibited also helps to relieve stress.


8) It’s good for your immune system

Because sleeping in the nude helps ensure a restful night’s sleep, it will also help reduce your stress level. Stress can have a harmful effect on the immune system, which means that higher stress can potentially make you more likely to catch an illness or to take longer to get better if you are sick.


So be free and enjoy your naked sleepytime!


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