She Rubs Aloe Vera On Her Face. What Happens After 15 Minutes Will Surprise You!

We have all heard and read about the green plant which is considered to be the best among numerous plants. It is a part of different beauty products we use every day because it’s rich in medicinal properties. It’s Aloe Vera! It is especially beneficial for our skin. It can be easily grown at home, so you can use your own homegrown plant! 

She Rubs Aloe Vera On Her Face. What Happens After 15 Minutes Will Surprise You!


Here, we’re going to present you how to eliminate the juice for the plant and use it as a face mask!

  • Wash the plant well before you decide to use it;
  • Take a roller and thump the leaf very gently to make it softer;
  • Divide the softened leaf in two parts: one of them should be used right away and the other one can be preserved;
  • Use a knife to cut the edges of the leaf. This is done in order to peel it and open it more easily;
  • Use your hands to slit the leaf open. In case you can’t do it with your hands, take a knife;
  • Take a spoon to scrape out the Aloe Vera juice and collect it in a bowl or a glass jar;
  • This juice should be applied on your face. Rub it with your fingers very gently. You can also rub it with the leaf. It should stay like that on your face for 15 or 20 minutes;
  • After the period passes and the mask is dry, peel it off well and then wash your face only with plenty of water. Don’t use gels or soaps because the remedy won’t be effective;
  • Use a clean towel to pat your face dry. The results will amaze you! In only 20 minutes your skin will be glowing and flawless!

Mother Nature has always had a way of helping us without any chemicals or dangerous matters. Natural products always have the best effects, so why don’t you give this natural remedy a try right away? Your skin will be grateful to you!

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