How To Protect Children Online

Technology is inevitable today and you need to know how to protect your child. More and more, children are allowed to have an access to the Internet by parents, whether they are learning something useful about the school or having access to entertaining content such as a game, watching cartoons, etc. As the Internet is increasingly accessible to the younger generation, it is necessary to learn how to protect children online.

How To Protect Children Online

The Internet is a great way to learn something and to discover a lot of new information that would otherwise be harder to come by. As useful to many generations, it is clear that the very largest number of inappropriate content on the Internet is unavailable or intentionally accessible.

  • Younger generations are better in managing the Internet and are more computer literate than their parents and other older members in society, which is considered a major problem when these young people are trying to prevent access to certain content that should not be easily understood.
  • Each parent should talk to his child and try to warn him of the dangers of the internet and what can he expect to happen to him if he is not careful.
  • It is no good to threaten, but to try to explain the peace of mind clearly by giving the child knowledge of what he is interested in and how to help him access the Internet, but only under his conditions. Only an open and sincere conversation between a parent and a child can guarantee security on the Internet.
  • The computer should be placed in a room that is held during the day, not in the child’s room. The screen should be turned on so that the parents can see what their child is doing right now.
  • How can we still protect children on the Internet? Children should have their own account, which can be agreed by selecting the “Control Panel” option after which you will need to select “User Accounts” and “Add Accounts”. For OSX, just go to “System Settings” and then click “Accounts”.
  • It’s a personal and not an administrative account because such an account can only have a parent for easier control. Parents can use Parental Controls that came with the operating system, whether it’s Windows or OSX.
  • In OSX for Parental Control, you should select “System Settings”, followed by the “Parental Control” option where further instructions are available. In Windows, you need to click on the “Control Panel” and “Control settings for each user” option.

It is important to find a way to protect your child from any dangers on the internet.

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