Facial Yoga That Make You 5 Years Younger In Just 5 Weeks

Face yoga - the sacred grail in the struggle to preserve youth and beauty - became popular several years ago when the founder of the Fumiko Takatsu method published the first videos on youtube.

Since then, the method has acquired both an army of fans and opponents who claim that all this is profanity, and there is no benefit from strange facial movements.

Facial Yoga That Make You 5 Years Younger In Just 5 Weeks

However, the Face Yoga method, since its inception, has already acquired scientific evidence of effectiveness: exercises help tone muscles that sag over time, as well as restore fat pads that lower and change face geometry.

The only drawback of the method is the need for constant efforts - once you start to maintain the result of the exercise, you have to do it every day.

But who promised it would be easy?


Fumiko says that there are two types of faces - “bonny” (“bony”) and “meaty” (“fleshy”), the exercises for different types of faces are different, and in each of her videos the girl talks about what type this exercise.

There are no age restrictions: face yoga can be started as early as 27-28 years, when the first aging processes begin. Well, with the years of exercise and beauty discipline, there should be more and more, and you yourself know this very well.

It is also important to remember that in addition to exercises, drainage massage is necessary (stagnation of lymphatic fluid also leads to visible age-related changes), and general attention to the state of health. Subject to the three components - yoga for the face, self-massage and taking care of one’s health - it’s absolutely real to be younger for 5 years in 5 weeks.


With age, the “apples” of the cheekbones drop, giving the face a sad and tired look. Surgically, this problem is solved by injecting silicone into places of military glory, however, Fumiko claims that it is absolutely realistic to restore your face to its former shape with one simple exercise.

There are English subtitles for the video, if you don’t read in English, then here’s a brief summary - an exercise for the type of face “bonny”, you need to do it for 30 seconds, trying to pull the corners of the mouth to the earlobes (however, everything is clear):


No, Botox is not the only solution, says the girl. With this simple exercise you will strengthen your muscles, tighten your skin and make it denser, so that visually your wrinkles will decrease and your forehead will be smoothed:


These deep wrinkles are laid in the region of 30 years, and it is very difficult to get rid of them. Uploading fillers into creases does not solve the problem either, since the work and condition of the muscles do not change, so the wrinkle will return again as soon as the filler resolves.

Try this technique from Fumiko before you go to the salon, perhaps in your case it will be more effective than any procedures:


Even the youngest girls face this problem, and with age, the area around the eyes becomes a real traitor, joyfully telling the world not only our age, but also where and how we did not sleep last night.

This complex helps to significantly improve the condition of the zone, and visually make the look younger.


One of the most unpleasant consequences of age-related processes is the appearance of a double chin, which can cause inconvenience to even the thinnest women (a fold under the chin is not always a consequence of excess weight, most often it is a sagging muscle, which is formed because it loses its tone, and therefore that the position of the spine is changing).

This exercise will return to its face and neck in a few weeks, at least Fumiko says so, and her fans confirm the effectiveness.

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