Are You Having Regular Sex According To Your Age? This Chart Will Answer Your Question

Have you ever question yourself about how often you make love, is it too often or too little maybe? The dilemma is that we have less and less chance to spend some good time with our partner. Spiced up with everyday stress and the fact that we are so diverse and there you have the outcome.

Are You Having Regular Sex According To Your Age? This Chart Will Answer Your Question

Some people see having love intercourse three times per week just enough. However, there are others who believe that this might be either too much or too little.

Single research performed at the Kinsey Institute revealed how often individuals have sex if you take their age under consideration.

Here is what the results showed:

  • 18-29 years: on average 113 times a year;
  • 30-39 years: should have on average 85 times a year;
  • 40-49 years: on average 70 times yearly ;
  • 50-59 years: on average 46 times a year;
  • 60+ years: on average 31 times a year.
  • 70+ years: will be lucky if they have it at all.

Moreover, 13% of the married couples make love just a few times in a year, 45% of the same make love a few times in a month. Furthermore, 34% make love just 2-3 times per week, whereas 7% have intercourse four or more times per week.

Research by the website Your Tango conducted amongst their readers who are married to find out what is the minimal, average and perfect number of sexual activities during the period of one month.

  • Minimum: Once in a month;
  • Average: Once in a week;
  • Ideal will be three to five times a week.


Making Love Facts To Increase Number of Sexual Activities

  1. Releases you by stress, the biggest physical benefit and affects positively on your mood.
  2. Burn on average 150 calories, still depends on duration and intensity. It can be a great workout when duration meets intensity levels.
  3. Post gym relax after workout genital area raises the testosterone levels, which requires flushing
  4. More regular cycles
  5. Improves heart function

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